10 Full Years of Love

  A quick photo recap of one of the best nights of my life. { special thanks to Morton’s of Chicago for making the night even more splendid ( : } A big, big milestone with the love of my life. I don’t know what else to say except that I am probably the luckiest Continue Reading

Winter gains

每逢冬天 我都會變1隻小肥豬 內內外外 切切底底的 不斷吃又不想動的節奏.. 而每當發現自己胖了 身內快樂種子就會為心靈作調節 說 沒什麼喇 都是太幸福而已.. -_- 說到這裡又開始睏了 是豬精在體內發作 其實本想1回到家便午睡片刻 但又想這裡了.. ( : 願望是天天有空更新 像當年1樣 heeheehee.. 總會有時間做喜歡的事 anyway.. wisdom of the day: a nap a day keeps everyone away.. cuz you have no time for basically anything else : P NAP TIME! xoxo mandeeeee


這幾天香港很不像樣 寒冷得緊要 冷到不想動 到今天其實還是冷 只是開始習慣了.. ..習慣到恢復精力 打扮1下 逛街去 : D  我由始至終都覺得 打扮不代表做作 不代表愛出眾  seek attention 而是對身邊的人  甚至乎遇到的人1份尊重 反正就是興趣吧 不管別人怎麼說 打扮得靚  人都開心d ! Outfit details: 這個配搭出奇的溫暖 不過都是拜UNIQLO的HeatTech上衣跟leggings所賜 Happy shopping night !! : D xoxo mandeeeee


SIGNIFICANT TEMPERATURE DROP IN HK SO COLD I CAN’T REACH THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON -____- ok, fine, just kidding. but it’s honestly so cold here. i swear it’s gonna snow any moment now. take care, Mother Earth ) :  going back to hibernation mode.. zzzzz mandeeeee

GIVE ME an [M] !

So as far as Chinese New Year holidays were concerned the weather started out as hot as summer and then got progressively (?) cooler and now it’s just cold.  -_- although I have to admit I’m pretty glad that winter isn’t over yet! it’s only february afterall.. I heart this varsity jacket mainly cuz it’s Continue Reading

New love: Mandals

A whole weekend of mandals weather. So beautiful So warm So fantastic. works perfectly with my manly style ( : hahaha.. on this day I chose to style them with leggings and a loose white shirt for full on comfort. the best thing about holidays is you can try out different outfits and when it Continue Reading

A sucker for love.

這麼多年後我還是個情癡 就是憤不顧身的去愛 就是為了愛的人  什麼也願意 我比較好彩 我最愛最愛的人1直都是他 使他1直能受惠於我為愛人滿載著的愛 他是最幸福的 heeheehee.. 我也是. xoxomandeeeee P.S. 不好意思 突然有感而發 : D

新年快樂 !

我們真的很幸運又有新的開始了 由元旦到農曆新年都不夠1個月 又有新的開始 天氣這麼的好 太陽那麼的大氣溫多麼的和暖 突然從冬眠的狀態醒過來 終於開始做點運動了 增肥期提早結束 才發現真的胖到不行了 差點走不動 -_- 但是只要有決心 沒有難得到我的事! 太多事情讓我期待 沒有空去懶惰 :p A side note: This weather is too nice. Such sunny blue skies and warm temperatures. Could not resist throwing on a pair of club monaco scallop-hem shorts with a thicker top for the morning/evening chills. And I styled it Continue Reading