A whole weekend of mandals weather.
So beautiful
So warm
So fantastic.

works perfectly with my manly style ( :


on this day I chose to style them with leggings and a loose white shirt
for full on comfort.
the best thing about holidays
is you can try out different outfits
and when it comes to an early work morning
you don’t really have to think as hard
as to how to style yourself with certain pieces of clothing.
i could totally see myself dressing like this for work
By the way, these grey Jack Wills leggings are
by far the most COMFORTABLE leggings I have come across.
They are soft and easy to to match with errrrrrrrything it’s unbelievable.
Bought them cuz I needed some grey leggings at the time
Fell in love with them as soon as I put them on.

I still have so many ideas as to what I can style these awesome mandals with when spring comes.
Until thennnnnnnnn.. !
: D

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