So as far as Chinese New Year holidays were concerned
the weather started out as hot as summer
and then got progressively (?) cooler
and now it’s just cold. 
although I have to admit I’m pretty glad that winter isn’t over yet!
it’s only february afterall..
I heart this varsity jacket mainly cuz it’s in grey and black 
but obviously also cuz it features my favourite letter of the alphabet
 a big fat M ( :
I was dressed for the warm weather with my red and white stripe-y shirt and a denim skater skirt
styled with my CNY favourite: VANS light khaki canvas authentic
(they go along with basically EVERYTHING)
then realizing it was chilly out, threw on the M varsity jacket.


and oh oh oh,
LOVEEEEEEEE empty parking lots
where I unleash my dance, singing, and other spectacular skills I keep hidden on a regular basis.
Oh, and these were taken the day we went to see The LEGO Movie
so I also unleashed the LEGO man-wannabe side of me
..but I will keep those photos hidden. ( ;
Hope we all had a wonderful CNY holidayyyyyyyy
gonna go get busy now and enjoy this last day of holidays.

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