is romantic in Paris.
i took this.
i really did.
looks like one of those pictures that comes up
when you google “la tour Eiffel” or “Eiffel Tower”
but no,
i took it.
that is how beautiful she really is.
i knew you wouldn’t believe me,
so i took a pic of our view outside of our little romantic balcony 
before i went out every day

it’s funny, in Paris.
The day usually starts out pretty gloomy and cloudy,
but as the day goes on,
the sun crawls out
behind fluorescent white clouds on a bright blue canvas.

it’s almost like Love.
True love is never just blue skies and sunshine
there are always times where haze becomes allies with clouds
and everything just seems unpredictable.
It is then that we use the senses we are so blessed to have
to feel our way through
to make sense of it all
and then when the skies clear up, 
we realize how much closer
how much more in love 
we have become.
It’s just so amazing.

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