Taking a month to inform the VIPs of my life,
of our lives,
before publicizing this News of the Decade
was my idea of love and respect 
to those who love and respect us.
Over the course of this month since it happened that morning in Paris,
I’ve seen some of the happiest smiles
heard the loudest screams of delight 
felt the tightest hugs
recieved the most CAPS LOCKed messages
and most of all
realized the most important thing of anything I ever do at all..
and that is
no matter how happy something makes me
nothing makes me happier
than seeing the people around me being happy for me.
It truly is the best feeling ever.
Thank you friends and family for making me feel so so so loved
and being so so so happy for me, for us.
Your reactions were truly precious
and unforgettable.
Just being able to tell each and everyone of you in person
was a gift in itself.
And here’s to the rest of the world:

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