When it feels like summer,
you have to dress like summer.
in just the right tone,
in just the right colours,
with just the right print
of just the right fruit.
My summer shorts are better than yours.
and they are not just plain old boring shorts.
They are made of length-appropriate flaps
or otherwise known as
slit-front shorts !
Super breezy, super comfortable, super awesome.
My horizontal SUN Cèline tote completes the look perfectly
with just enough room for nothing-much-needed : P
cuz what do you need to carry around when you are just chillaxing?

and Style.
Perfect weekend material.
The Essential Crew Tee in white by GAP

slit-front shorts by Aerie

horizontal tote in SUN by Cèline

classic Chuck Taylors by Converse All-Star

sunnies by Ray-Ban


Can’t wait till next weekend.. !!
(This happens after every Sunday)

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