To welcome the long weekend,
I chose a crop top and a skirt.
the mandals were just of convenience and added to my black statement.
it’s gotten too hot to wear any more than this.
and these pics were taken around 2am last night
after a girls night out
which got me happily exhausted
so please excuse the quality 
: P

(P.S. we all know who the dude behind me is..)

I got this awesome cropped top from ForeverXXI

in both black and white.

(i’ll show you how I wore my white one soon : D)
and one thing I wanted to point out is
I wouldn’t suggest getting a really prestigious cropped tank
because they stretch out after awhile and don’t fit as nice
and then you would have to get a new one.
Having to keep replacing them at a high price would NOT be something I’d wanna do.

crop tank in black by #ForeverXXI
black skater skirt by Top Shop
black patent mandals by Zara

Have an awesome long weekend, people!
and get outside, IT’S BEAUTIFUL out!! 

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