My “squiding” day attire.
(a.k.a. my term for ‘squid fishing’)
A simple plain black romper
and a pair of gladiator sandals.

Since we weren’t going to the beach, I thought I could put on some fancier sandals 
rather than flip-flopping on the “squidding” boat
to dress up my plain romper a little.
Believe it or not,
these awesome gladiator sandals are from ForeverXXI,
and by the look and comfort of them,
you would think they were a pair expensive, branded sandals.
nooooooooope ( :

not bad, huh?
Clothing and accessories don’t have to be expensive to look good.
It all depends on how you style your closet items.
And that has been my motto since forever.
Dress based on YOUR budget,
and style it in your own unique way.
Then, you will always feel and look fabulous,
inside and out.

jumpsuit by H&M
leather backpack by COACH
gladiator sandals by FOREVERXXI




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