It suddenly got really hot.
And then I thought to myself, “Why is it so hot? It’s only.. Oh, it’s July already.”
This vintage plaid shirt makes the whole outfit really safe,
but you will not understand:
No matter how loose and how big the arm holes are,
when it’s summer in Hong Kong,
anything more than a thin piece of cloth is too hot.
At least for me, anyway.
So the following is an alternative to the above,
about keeping that vintage plaid top as part of the outfit 
but changing it up a little so you don’t get hyperthermia : P
And then of course,
when the heat becomes totally unbearable,
there’s nothing you can do but strip down to the ultimate wife-beater.
If it’s white, make sure it’s WHITE!)
Here’s the look with a more girly twist.
The headband does it all:

How it looks under the beautiful Hong Kong summer weather:

Hope you’re still enjoying the heat!
Happy Canada Day!!

cropped plaid shirt – vintage
wife-beater in white by American Eagle
denim high-waisted shorts by Zara
mandals in black by Zara


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