I love anything that is beautiful effortlessly,
…and this,
was just surreal.
Pink clouds happen all the time,
it’s just that it will never cease to amaze me 
how beautiful the sun makes the clouds and sky look
when it is saying ‘goodnight, see you again tomorrow..’
Like nothing else in this world.
Such wonderful things surround us,
but it’s up to you whether you see it or not.
Living in such a busy city,
with everyone’s heads down and eyes on their phones even when they get outdoors,
these beautiful sights get neglected.
So I hope,
if you follow me on instagram
or read my blog,
you will at least get glimpses of these beautiful things
here and there
through my amateur lenses.
( :
Happy Hump Day, people.

Libre T-shirt in hot pink by Wilfred Free aritzia
neoprene trumpet skirt in grey by Aland
silver lady oxford flats by Zara

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