Another inspiration for a night out with the boyfriend or your favourite girlfriends!

A super sheek green sleeveless made with the same fabric as those thinner wind-breakers.
GREAT for this mid-summer heat.
The colour makes the whole outfit so much merrier! 😀

side note: excuse the shaky outfit selfies. I was in a hurry to meet my lovely friend! 😛
But since it IS such a bright and happy colour,
I had to go with a much more neutral bottom,
and grey is always the go-to colour when it comes to toning things down
yet not DIMMING it all out altogether
(like what black would do).
Oh, and by the way,
Tip 1:
skirts with elastic waistbands are the best to invest in,
because you can pull them higher for a stylish high-waisted look
or rest them on your hips for a more sophisticated look.

“Hello, leaf!” exclaimed the Happy espadrilles.
And finally,
the whole look is wrapped up my 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli mini satchel 
and these equally bright and happy espadrilles I bought from Old Navy Canada last summer.
Super comfy and summery, I love them!
green sleeveless top of winderbreaker material – vintage
skirt from a little boutique in TST, Hong Kong
espadrilles in bright yellow/green by Old Navy Canada
Golden chain with heart and J necklace by Juicy Couture

Tip 2:
If you go brave and bold with your necklace,
ditch the earrings (even small studs)!

A mix of comfort and girly elements for a good and stylish night out.

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