So this is me screaming “IT’S CASUAL DAY AT WORK TODAY” in the language Clothing.
: P

I love classic everything.
And these classic Checkerboard slip-ons are way past the awesome bar, just like my metallic pair.
They bring casual to the next level, especially in the summer.

Shortalls cannot be worn without having a super yummy and healthy salad!
If you arel looking for a good place that makes healthy fast food,
try MANA! slowfastfood in Central.
They make delicious and healthy flatbreads, salads and other organic goodies,
AND taking super good care of the Earth while they are at it. 
It was so nice hearing about all that the founder of this wonderful idea
(and director of a very eco-friendly company) cares for environmental-wise

as well as his plans to further raise Hong Kongians awareness on how we can save Planet Earth together.

It’s all so meaningful and necessary.

I wish we could all stop closing our eyes and ears on what we really are doing to this planet,

and instead,
start taking action to ease and stop our damage to this wonderful place.
I truly admire people who try to make a difference for a better world,

no matter how many obstacles stand between them and their vision.

They possess a drive that makes them invincible to failure and ignorance,
allowing to keep on working towards their meaningful goal.
It was nice meeting you, Bobsy! ( :

This small mixed salad was so yummy I had to slow down,
 take some selfies and savour every bite.
Shop classic vans slip-ons below:
Hurry up, weekend!!!

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