A neoprene bikini from a really thoughtful online brand.
I would recommend Triangl swimwear any day.

Super comfy
and fits nicely!
Neoprene is a very sturdy material for a long-lasting style.
Fell in love straight away with the shiny black look of the material in pictures on the website,
and when it arrived my face almost broke in two with a huge grin

cuz it looks just as expected!

: D
It’s not a fair review though, hearing it from me,
seeing that I only wore it to lounge on the sand
and didn’t go into the water in it.
But make use of the online girls!
The hardest part for me on the purchase was which size to get for top and bottom,
and they were of great help.
They are available 24/7 on the website through live chat and I found that extremely useful.
They are nice and patiently sweet.
All in all, it was a joy shopping on the site.
Click to shop my Triangl bikini:

P.S. A fish braid goes so well with the beach.
(photo and fish braid courtesy of my dear friend)

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