I love the adidas Stan Smiths for being so classic and simple,
to the point that when you feel a little too dressed up on top,
you can always trust them to dress down your whole look in a classy, vintage-y way.

In the summer,

summer dresses agree so well with my Stan Smiths as well!
They give the overall look a 90s feel that I’m totally in love with,
giving me comfort and awesome style for the day.

And below is a look back in early May,
a super chic and class dark navy blue dress by Gap Paris
my classic mini Chanel
and classic tennis adidas socks with my Stan Smiths.

It was for a hotel dinner with my love

and it was a look that was appropriate AND stylish.

But then again,
I choose sneakers over heels any day ( :
Heading out now!
Hong Kong is too beautiful these days to stay in.

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