By all means, go for it. 
Not because it seems like it’s on the top of the list of the trending ways to exercise..

not because everyone is trying it out and posting pictures about it..

but because

it effectively works your core, arms and flexibility.

And of course,
what you dare to do with slight heights and doing poses that are anti-gravity sometimes.
I just feel that it makes you more aware of your weaknesses and build them into strengths,
while allowing you to use what you are already strong at to help you 
with different poses in the air on the harness.
It did make me feel a little light-headed, though.
Not from hanging upside down for too long, 
but moving around into different poses to quickly 
without letting myself come back to balance when I stand.
All in all, it makes you trust yourself a little more if you dare.. [ ;
Before you start, you need to be aware of a few things.
1. practice using more of you core and arm muscles, it’ll help!
2. stretch out you muscles whenever you can.

It doesn’t exactly help if you never do any stretching and then you stretch out a little before your aerial yoga session. Flexibility takes time!

3. last but not least, believe in yourself,
 and trust the things your body can do.
I’m saying this because I did realize it takes courage to do inversions 
and other anti-gravity poses that are only possible in the air on the harness,
to trust that you will not drop yourself head first onto the floor and break your neck : P
Honestly, though, ladies,
once you have point 1 and 2 in tact, the third point is not hard to do at all.
When you are strong, you trust yourself and your body so much more..
and I did not learn that until I became kinda strong myself.
So, go for it,
work out,
get strong,
and learn to love yourself so much more.
And before you get started, you need to get yourselves some yoga gear!
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Always remember:
Strong body, Strong mind. ( :

3 thoughts on “To do or not to do – Aerial Yoga review”

  1. Hello H! Thanks for your comment!
    I had my class at Leap in Kowloon Bay. It's a great place and I had my class with a very good instructor. It's good to try different places first before you settle for classes! ( :

  2. Thanks for ur reply! I went for the trial lesson today already. It was great the environment was great n so little ppl. Hv u joined the course for 18mths too?

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