I’m not a big fan of girly tones/colours,
but I must admit,
I don’t shy away from any colour.
Life is short,
wear everything.

This pink shirt from Zara lives at the bottom of my closet.
It’s not my favourite shirt but I was looking for something different to match one of my favourite high-waisted shorts, if you may remember.
I must say, though,
I love the swoop back of it.
It adds just the right amount of sexy into an otherwise-casual-girly outfit.

and please go and try the banana raspberry frappucino at Starbucks!
Goodnight, darlings.
P.S. shopping posts up soon!

2 thoughts on “Girly tones”

  1. Hi Mandeeeee,

    My name is Joe. I and two friends just set up an Asian fashion designer platform named “Cross The Line”. (www.crossthelinex.com), where we gather up-and-coming Asian fashion designers (mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan now). Understand that you share fashion and lifestyle topics on this blog, so I would like to introduce our Asian fashion designer platform to you and want to know how you feel about the style of our website. Thank you in advance:) Feel free to reach me at joe@crossthelinex.com

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for your message! I went to check out your platform right away, and I must say the home page is very appealing and makes me want to keep scrolling down!! Thanks for introducing! If you'd like to collaborate some time, you can email me at m4yuen@uwaterloo.ca

    Cheers and good luck!

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