You might recall that I don’t mind wearing almost any colour, 
but there’s no colour that can make me feel sleek and chic the way royal blue does. 

I love everything that the GAP has to offer.
Their comfortable lounge wear is great for chilling at home,
but the best thing is
their smart casual shirts and trousers that fit nicely without being too loose or too tight.
Their shirts are breathable yet presentable.
I would never feel extremely uncomfortable even in this late summer heat.
Couldn’t leave the house without my good old royal blue Tory Burch flats to finish the look! 

The peacock feather headband keeps my baby hairs in place and away from my face in a pretty way.
Can’t live without headbands!!
Tuck your shirt in to look more professional instantly
Royal blue striped shirt 
Royal blue slim fit trousers
both from the GAP Paris

Royal blue ballerina flats 

Peacock feather headband
purchased A LONG TIME AGO from CLAIRE’S Canada



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