Work Wednesdays with Mandeeeee
are devoted to giving you weekly work outfit inspirations
that will hopefully help you plan your next day at work.
You might not be feeling the need to look super stylish for work every day of the week,
which I totally understand,
but there will be certain days where you just want to look on top of the ball.

Here’s my work look of the week:

Shall I reiterate my need for comfort in any circumstance?
“Especially at work,” I always say.
If you have to work around the clock,

be it running around the building or sitting in your cubicle,

your body wants to be able to breathe and move around without constantly being strangled.
An over-sized shirt made of breezy material is perfect for summer work days!
Since this bright Hollister shirt has such a unique tone of light orange,
these white wide-leg cropped pants from Korea give you a more breezy and spring look
so even though summer is coming to an end,
you can remind everyone in your office that there’s always something more to look forward to.
Today, I wore my favourite golden head band to hold back annoying baby hairs.
This headband was from H&M ages ago but the thing I love about it is that it ups the ‘awesome’ factor of any outfit by a factor of 10.
Aaaaand, it doesn’t try to squeeze my brain out of my skull
like a lot of them do.
If you have ever worn headbands, you’d know what I mean.
I slipped on my go-to brown crisscross mandals,
because on extra hot days, my toes want to breathe.
The brown also goes with the light and bright tone I chose to go with today.
loose fit shirt by Holister & Co
wide-leg pants in white from Seoul, Korea
mandals in brown by Topshop
headband in gold by H&M

All nice and proper and ready for yet another fabulous hump day.
Cheers, guys!

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