It’s been a very busy week for me
so I do appologize for the quality of pictures for this week’s Work Wednesday outfit.
But here you go, with my current midi-skirt obsession, I put together the following:

Midi-skirts are presentable, versatile and COMFORTABLE.
(haha, you saw that coming, didn’t you?)
And with the length they are born with,
it helps us ladies cover up our slightly curvier bottoms when you are not feeling your 100% confidence on days PRE-you-know-what.
Match it with a plain or patterned t-shirt and you’re ready to go.
My good old oxfords make me look extra teacher-like

so they are my go-to shoes when I’m running late in the morning

and don’t have time to think about alternatives.

t-shirt with Chinese painting print by H&M (A LONG TIME AGO.. sorry!)
button-down (fake) midi-skirt in navy blue from a Korean boutique in Hong Kong
oxfords by H&M

If you haven’t noticed already, the articles of clothing I wear aren’t necessarily branded,
but it’s how you style them that matters.
Stay tuned for more easy, accessible, affordable styles and looks that I put together for myself on a daily basis!
Cheers, guys!
Happy Hump Day!

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