I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..

I was honored to be invited to visit Barbie’s house that flew all the way from Milan 
to the MOSCHINO store in Landmark.
It’s so pink and life-sized it just makes you feel like a really happy girl. 

One of my favourites from the capsule collection is the black cropped sweater the real-life Barbie is wearing. Super chic and adds a twist to your spring wardrobe!
Oh, and of course,
this super awesome iPhone 5/5S case from Barbie! 
with a sturdy handle and an excellent mirror on the back.
I hope Jeremy Scott and MOSCHINO- can consider making one for iPhone 6 soon times.. 

Then, as I continue through the store, 
I spot my childhood idol……
OMGGGG he was everywhere <3
My top pick from this year’s AW14 Spongebob collection is…
The Spongebob leather bucket bag!!! 
The expression, that face.
And the best strap detail!
Jeremy Scott made me fall in love with my childhood crush all over again.

As much as I enjoyed the SS15 Barbie capsule collection and the AW14 Spongebob collection, 
I like to think more practically, especially on luxury pieces.

The above thin black MOSCHINO belt I cannot get over.. :O
It’s currently at the top of my wishlist.
It’s a high-waist belt
but it’s so versatile and I have so many outfit ideas just by looking at it
 sitting so eager to come home with me on the shelf.

And finally, thank you MOSCHINO for the super adorable SPONGEBOB (!) cupcake
and the Nut Punch from PunchDetox 

Head over to MOSCHINO Landmark now to visit Barbie and her dollhouse!
Not sure when she will fly her house back to Milan, so now is the time.

Shop my current MOSCHINO picks below:


Cheers, guys!

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