“On Wednesdays we wear pink.”
 Today is national day in HK and tomorrow is another public holiday,
but that doesn’t stop mandeeeee from sharing Work Wednesdays outfit tips! 😀

An effective way to brighten your mood is to add colours to your life.

Wearing colourful attire is the easiest to do on a day when you have work.

Always be bold enough to brighten your workplace,
even if it’s merely by the colours of your outfit.
Brightly coloured trousers or tops are wearable if you can pair them with a lighter shade of the same colour.
What I did here was wear super bright pink trousers with a light pink shirt.
The lighter shade tones down the brighter one,
(making sure you don’t stand out like a highlighter at work)
but compliments the outfit just the same
(so you can effectively brighten up yours and your colleague’s day).
I wore white sneakers to complete the outfit
because a neutral shade tells people 
“I am not a tacky freak who likes to wear bright colours”
but instead,
 “I am a classy one who is here to brighten your mood with my bright colours.
Have a nice day!”
Peter Pan Oxford shirt in baby pink from Gap
Pink slightly cropped trousers from G2000 Hong Kong
white sneakers purchased from Seoul, Korea

Be bold! Give it a shot tomorrow (;


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