..or a better runner:
Put yourself in good shoes.

The reason I emphasize wearing GOOD SHOES
is because I realize how important it is to have at least one pair of super comfortable sneakers.
For me, growing up meant losing interest to move around or walk around so much.
At first I thought that was just a side-effect of puberty.

But when I started using the new technology from major sneaker brands,
I realized walking should not be a chore, but instead, should always be enjoyable.

When you are wearing the right shoes,
they will make you want to walk ALL THE TIME.

My current number one picks are Nike Free’s
whether you are planning to walk or run.

They just make your feet really excited to make every step,
and when they do, every step is just as exciting.

It’s probably the flexible sole that makes it such a great companion for our natural movement.
I dunno, I’d leave it to the experts at NIKE to explain to you how they do it, here.

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