I got to meet Coco Rocha and Cara Grogan!!
Best night ever.

As well as catching up with awesome people..
A night about inspiring beauty and living your dreams..
Thank you, Mary Kay, for having me
and reminding me of how important it is to chase for my dreams no matter how small you think you are.
As long as you believe, nothing is impossible.
It was a great night
involving me finally putting myself together to go to such a great event.
(because lazy me usually just wants to come home after work and pass out on my bed.)
I got to catch up with some of my wonderful blogger and photography friends!
It’s always good to see them and keep everyone posted on what’s going on in each other’s
blogs. haha!
And then here’s me, totally indulged in Coco’s amazingly inspiring new book as soon as I got home..
This book is HEAVY.
It’s filled with page after page of awesome.
I remember back in my schooling days, I used to follow really closely on Coco Rocha
who was just getting more and more popular as time went on because of her beauty both inside and out.
Not to mention her amazing ability to make an infinite amount of poses in 30 seconds..!!
I still remember back when .GIFs were popular, there was one circulating on the internet 
of her close-up, making CRAZY but FIERCE facial expressions in the short time that the .GIF lasted.
I know how hard it is to stand on set in front of a camera and make every pose count
because back in the day, I had been a part-time model for a period of time.
She was such an inspiration, but I could never come close to imitating how she does it.
Every time I watch her, I always feel that it’s out of this world.
And now, I have her work in a big book.
Big Encyclopedia of Inspiration.
I can’t explain how happy I am.
Pre-order yours now on Amazon or click here.
Thank you Coco for the book and your lovely signature.
Love you so much.
Keep up the awesomeness and postive everything.
You’re the bomb!
over-sized shirt in baby blue from Seoul, Korea
destroyed denim pencil skirt by Zara
 oxford heels by First
willow clutch in ostrich leather in midnight blue by Mulberry
Happy weekend!

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