This article is all about how I accidentally discovered a very useful mascara tip for myself and readers who are frequent mascara users..

It’s actually kind of a silly one, this mascara tip I’m about to tell you about.
It was amidst my multi-tasking way of life that I stumbled across this little finding.
Let me give you a little background into my way of life, the multi-tasking way:
I like to do many things at once at any given point in time.
Whether I am reading/playing on my phone while I go Number 2 in the washroom,
or watching youtube while I am brushing my teeth,
I just can’t seem to just focus on one thing at a time.
It would just not be efficient enough for me if only one thing gets done 
given the same amount of time.
So what I always do is:
do my make up, 
post something on Instagram, 
write a new post on my blog, 
reply some Whatsapp messages, 
play a game or two of Candy Crush, 
go on Tumblr for some outfit inspiration for what to wear that day 
and continue doing my make up.
Basically, what I need in front of me is
a mirror,
the make-up products for my daily routine,
my phone
and my laptop.
My laptop becomes a main factor here for this mascara tip because in order to try this trick,
you must have a decently not-so-new laptop (like mine, a Lenovo I bought about 3 years ago?)
So if you could get this image in your head first:
Mandeeeee doing her make-up at her dresser,
with all the make-up products she needs (scrambled) in front of her
as well as her phone and laptop.
I wouldn’t say I am a disorganized person,
but when I’m doing a main task (i.e. doing my make-up, in this case),
my things are SCATTERED in the space provided 
until the job’s done.
Long story short, my mascara somehow ended up next to the FAN of my not-so-new laptop,
and for those of you who have put your hand beside one of those things,
you know that the wind coming out of those vents are quite warm
(sometimes HOT if you have left your not-so-new laptop on for too long).

I only realized after I had finished my base, eyebrows and eyeliner that my mascara had been sitting there beside the fan of my laptop.
When it was time for mascara, I reached over and grabbed it, only to find that it was HOT!
Rolling my eyes at myself in the mirror, I cursed myself gently for being stupid enough to put anything near that fan, because it burned a little just holding the tube of my mascara.
It wasn’t until I applied the first layer of mascara on my first set of eyelashes that I realized how useful the heat was! 
It had warmed up my mascara and had melted it a little,
which is super useful because,
if you use mascara every day religiously,
you would know that most brands of mascara dries up way too early,
(even in its expected short life span)
making you think,
“WHAT?! I have to go and buy a new one again ALREADY?!”

But NO!
After my mascara was warmed up,
I applied it as if it were a new bottle!
It was nice and smooth and thick and easy to apply,
unlike it’s old cool, clumpy self.
How awesome is that!?

Next time, when your mascara’s texture and thickness is telling you, “Hey, time to replace me!”
put the tube next to your warmed-up laptop fan for a minute or two before you apply your mascara the next day and try again.
This is going to definitely last you for an extra week or so 
even if you mascara is honestly giving out all the signs of it actually running out.
To be honest,
the same can be done by boiling some water and dropping your tube of mascara in the boiling water for a minute or two, but of course, we all love the Earth and would hate to waste water in any way or form, so I would recommend going the not-so-new laptop warmed-up fan way.
( ;

Give it a try and PLEASE let me know how it goes!
I’ll come back to this post and read your comments below, I promise.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and weekend, darlings!

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