I never used to be a regular lipstick girl, until I ran into this one..

Get my exact colour of 3Concept Eyes Creamy lip color here now! 
Although it is quite creamy and moisturizing as it is,
your best bet is to apply a thin layer of lip chap before you put on the lipstick.
Since the colour lasts for so long, 
you do want to make sure your lips will stay moisturized for as long as the colour lasts!
Here was my experiment on it’s long-lasting quality
( the last 2 with filter 😛 but doesn’t effect the look of the lipstick much, just a bit on the colour) :
I had applied the lipstick for approximately 30 minutes before I decided to have a red bean popsicle,
but as you can see from the pictures,
the popsicle didn’t do too much to the look of the lipstick!
It stayed on pretty well even after I had finished the whole, delicious snack.
If I were planning to go out again,
I would definitely reapply, 
but my point is that at least about 75-80% of the original colour is still there after eating.
Good enough for me!
Totally recommended.
(and it’s mechanics is so smooth! twists in and out smoothly!)
I’m going to go back and get a few more colours in this line
to brighten up my days a little differently every time.

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