The pleather shorts only lasted for a few hours,
and then it got too chilly to have my legs exposed.


sweater:  adidas original jeans: H&M shoes:  adidas original
Late autumn and early winter weekends in Hong Kong are for hoodies and destoyed jeans.
It’s funny because the adidas I’m wearing is new in
(Super excited to have finally found such a classic style and colour in adidas HK..
the adidas original buyers in Hong Kong love crazy colours and innovative style too much, I think.
Not my cup of tea.)
but my black original Superstars are vintage through myself.
hahaha, meaning it goes wayyyyy back
when I was still a naive little teenager in Canada.
Love it when I can still wear old articles of clothing I had bought years back..
Don’t let fashion go to waste!
Incorporate your own style and be creative!!
A lot of things can be worn again in different ways, trust me.
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Cheers for Saturday!!
(although it’s gloomy and rainy)

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