An interrupted selfie looks a little like this..

blazer: from Korea(similar here and here), t-shirt: Gap, jeans: Aland, Shoes: nike airforce 1
Purchased from Seoul, Korea,
this bold-coloured oversized blazer was one of the best pieces I got on my trip.
If it hadn’t been on sale for such a great price, I probably wouldn’t have bought it,
because although I am up for any colour,

I like classic, wearable-for-all-occasions kind of styles and colours when it comes to clothing.

But this one just fits so nicely and falls on my big shoulders in a way that I like.
I also like how it challenges me a little when it comes to styling it for an easy day out.
A small challenge here and there is always good to keep life interesting.
Stay tuned for more styling tricks and tips!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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