In love with the 3M flashy material on these runners,
and the way they make me feel when I run..

Excuse me for the bad quality pictures of me running in my beloved Lunarglide 6 Flash
but I’m professional, I don’t run to be photographed *Cough*
No, but honestly, we don’t bring our phones out when we run
so we had to quickly snap a few ‘running in motion’ shots and put it back before we headed out again 
for the actual run.
Anyway, about how it feels to run in these lunarglide 6’s.
I can’t convince you how comfortable they are unless I compare them with other Nike technologies and styles that I’ve ran in, and hopefully, that you have ran in too.
Personally, I don’t do short distance running or sprints, or anything of that sort.
I prefer to run longer distances at a slower pace.
On average, I’ve been doing 4 – 6km each time I run outdoors in the past few months.
On top of being proud of myself for such accomplishments in distance and duration,
it also helped to try out shoes for reviews that would benefit those of you out there 
who have similar running patterns and habits 
that are looking to purchase a good pair of runners 
that will keep your feet feeling good even after a long run. 

If you have been keeping up with mandeeeeesays,
you might recall that I used to run with the old Nike Free flyknit (the one that fit like a sock)
which were a tight fit, and after intensive walking or running for a bit, gets even tighter.. ><
Then I switched to Nike free 4.0 flyknit, which were much better in terms of design,
as they reverted back to shoes laces that were actually there to adjust the tightness of the shoe.
Their soles were also extremely comfortable and good for a lot of walking.
Running was alright in those too!
But it wasn’t until I tried running in the Nike Lunarglide 6 that I realized 
when you are doing long runs, 
you NEED a sole that is thick and stable enough to support you all the way.
… And the “reflective detailing” is there just to “provide high visibility in low-light conditions”
and to make you look extra cool in the spotlight, I mean, headlights.
Get you pair now rrrrright here.
Hope that was helpful!
Feel free to leave me comments if you have any further questions.

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