Fall is finally here in Hong Kong
and I’m so excited.
So are my beanies and sweaters and jackets and TURTLENECKS.
They finally get the spotlight. 

top: UNIQLO, skirt: from Bangkok, shoes: Stan Smith
 Recently purchased from UNIQLO, this basic turtleneck has instantly became my favourite.
Made to UNIQLO’s signature comfortable quality, 
it is so versatile and will likely go well with a lot of winter items in my closet.
You can fold the turtleneck down once to make it shorter,
but I have a long neck so I just wore it as it is for warmth and style.
I prefer turtlenecks that cover my whole neck.
: P
All-in-all a super good buy!
Great price and quality.. and many colours to choose from!
(FYI, I am a 171cm tall girl with big shoulders,
and I wear size M for UNIQLO t-shirts and basic tops.)
Cheers guys!
Any plans for the weekend?

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