Due to technical difficulties for a whole entire week now,
it’s been so hard for me to keep blog
and to keep you guys updated!
Extremely frustrating, more than anything else.
And it also made me realize how dependent we are now on the internet
and how much we are afraid of getting disconnected from the rest of the world.
And this is why Work Wednesday is on Thursday this week.

vest: ForeverXXI (old but similar here), shirt: Uniqlo (old but similar here), leggings: Jack Wills
It still hasn’t gotten too cold here in Hong Kong,
so it’s all about the thin layering, done best with vests
because the sleeveless nature of the vests makes sure you don’t over-warm yourself 
while you’re running around accomplishing things at work.
Paired with my favourite collarless white shirt from Uniqlo
and my beloved super comfy grey leggings from Jack Wills,
I had an effective and comfortable work day. 
It’s rainy out today but it feels nice.
I’m feeling very grateful for the small things in life today. 
How about you? ( :

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