If you wear a cape to work,
I guarantee you
that you will be 90% more efficient at work that day.
Because, c’mon, let’s be honest,
You are how you dress.
And in the winter time, it’s all about getting to and from work in style
and staying cozy and warm at the same time.

coat: H&M (sold out but similar here), bag: Prada (in a super nice color here), sunglasses: Super
Anyone who has ever lived in a country where there are winters 
and have had to get to school or work will know that 
in severe cold weather, it’s hard to stay stylish,
because the warmest coats are usually not the most fashionable.
So I don’t take for granted this time of year in Hong Kong 
where it’s not too cold yet but not too hot anymore either.
I wore a sweater inside this time,
but if it were to get a little warmer, 
I would’ve settled for a simple, plain and thin long-sleeved shirt inside
for a sleeker look.
To be completely honest, it’s hard to wear cape coats in Canada (or other colder parts of the world).
It’s either way freezing or not cool enough for such a heavy coat.
Maybe in the early Spring though!
when you are in your cape,
something magical happens.
At least for me.
I feel more invincible.
And stronger,
more powerful.
But most of all,
more confident,
even if it’s just strutting down the sidewalk
or down the hallway at work.
That feeling.
You’ve just gotta try for yourself.
Happy Hump Day, my friends!!

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