If the next Color Run happens in a city near you,
should you sign up?

great vibes

nice crowd
endless photo opts
an event to have a great time with your friends
and fun and random face/clothes/body painting

like all the other “special running events”,
please don’t expect to run.

Promised 5km when I signed up
and not getting to run 5km..
I can deal with that.

But the amount of pollution for the area used

as well as for our lungs as we breathe all that pigment in

is not worth it.

Especially if you have a weak respiratory system.

Would I recommend it?
Would I go again?
No, I wouldn’t go again

 it’s for charity,
and if they can promise that the pigment powder they use is organic!
Or something that would not cause permanent damage to the air!!

I’m just a big environmentalist at heart
and it was hard watching that powder spread like really bad pollution
as if we were in one of those movies that talk about the Earth a few generations later..
with no clean air to breathe.

I hope I’m just thinking to much.

But I hope the Color Run group can consider some of the suggestions I have for their future events.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Thursday.



I just learned from an affiliated party that, 
” the color powder they use at The Color Run is made from food grade corn starch and is 100% natural including the dye used. “

How reassuring!
So good to know that we don’t have to sacrifice the environment for our fun. 

Would consider signing up if it happens to be going on in another city that I may be visiting in the future.. if it can be for a good cause as well. 

Good night!


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