It’s winter!
Tis the season that’s cold and dry..
And it takes time before you find the right skin care to prevent your skin from dehydration..

So start hydrating from the inside 
by consuming naturally hydrating food and drinks
like young coconut water!! 
There’s just a few things you need to know about Coconut water:
  1.  beautiful, hydrated skin
  2.  suppresses your appetite and aids in weight loss due to it’s rich nature
  3.  the ultimate hangover remedy: to quickly recover from dehydration
  4.  high concentration of fiber to facilitate digestion
  5. boosts hydration during your workout or run much better than any sports drink
  6. reduces blood pressure
  7.  rich in nutrients
  8. compatible with human blood
Amazing, right?
I remember growing up in Canada,
 all we had available for us were FROZEN coconut water in plastic containers
found in the frozen aisle of most Chinese supermarket.
My sister and I used to ask mommy to buy it every time, even in the winter.

I didn’t realize it was really just the only alternative we could get in a cold country like Canada
until I moved back to Asia.

Then I realized how DELICIOUS fresh young coconut water was when it’s drank right out of the young coconut itself!
And how it effectively quenches thirst in the summer or after rigorous workouts!!

I encountered JaxCoco once when I entered a Starbucks looking for something to drink.
I didn’t feel like anything caffeinated cuz I was already really thirsty
so I was considering a decaffeinated frappuccino
until I spotted JaxCoco, sitting on the edge of the shelf in the fridge
looking so cool and attractive in its matte glass bottle!

But they just get more and more convenient.. 

Now in paper cartons!

I’m soooooo pumped to try these brand new flavours of Jax Coco!
(Feat. original, banana and chocolate)

Personal tip:

Although coconut water is replenishing,
you can’t skip the H2O!!
My advice derived from personal experience is to drink water ALL the time and have the coconut water once or twice a day. 
Only because it does contain sugar and calories,
 though not significant, but those add up!
In the event of a sports game or workout,
both coconut water and plain water works.
Coconut water quenches thirst quicker (if available!) and helps you feel rejuvenated
so you can replace sports drink with coconut water.

Hope that was helpful..

Stay warm, hydrated and beautiful, my friends!


More about the Jax Coco EVCCO coconut oil for food and for beauty (yay!) next time! 😀

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