skirt: Zara, sweater: old but similar here, socks and shirt: UNIQLO Heat-Tech, sunglasses: SUPER
Once upon a warm January afternoon,
I could be without my big coat for a bit and show you my outfit.
Love my new knit mermaid skirt from Zara (it’s finally on sale peeps!)
that brings the 80’s back while being super chic and stylish for a modern working woman!
I wore it here with a loose sweater 
but it would also look super chic with a nicely fitted button-up shirt tucked in as well.
(preferrably DENIM if your workplace permits)
When it gets a little warmer, maybe in spring,
a loose white t-shirt loosely tucked in would be great too..
I dunno,
just throwing out ideas
dreaming of summer
and excited for our wedding.
And by the way,
it’s already MID-WEEK!
Hand in there, we’re almost done the first week of 2015.

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