sweater: Korea but similar here,  pants: American Eagle, turtleneck: UNIQLO Heat Tech
boots: Hunter (old but similar here), necklace: asos
The secret to the art of wearing different shades of any colour,
two points to check:
  1. The two different articles of clothing should be in the SAME SHADE.
  2. If not, the shades should be VERY DIFFERENT.
If you get those two points right,
you should be safe.
Here, I have shown you an example of a work outfit that incorporates two different shades of red,
a dark red and a maroon.
They are very different but share the same last name.
I think this makes an exciting illusion for the eyes
while not clashing in colour.
…and the Hunter boots because it was a rainy day.
I would swap it with any other type of high boots for a similar effect.

Take risks.
Happy Hump Day!

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