Keeping it simple with a vintage vibe,
with a new-in Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren jean jacket from the men’s section.

If you have been following my styles and looks,
you would have noticed that I don’t mind wearing items made for men.

It might be because I’m kind of tall with wide shoulders.
I don’t say “broad” or “big” shoulders because though they are wide,
they are pretty bony.
That’s not always a good thing,
especially not when you are trying to pull off looking good in a standard-sized blazer or something of that sort. But that’s a whole different story.

When I wear over-sized sweaters, tops, hoodies, jackets and what not,
I almost always go for skinny bottoms.
This trick helps bring out the shape of the top you are wearing
as well as YOUR personal shape through the legs, so you don’t look like a big blob.

If you are not too confident in the shape of your legs like myself,
you can always make sure to roll up the legs of your jeans or pants a little bit from the bottom
to show a little bit of skin before your shoes start.
This gives an optical illusion of slightly longer legs!


jacket: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren (similar here), pants: American Eagle, bag: Ril Creed HK
shoes and hoodie: Adidas Original Stan Smith here and logo hoodie here

Hope you caught some of my strong, contagious, always-on-going
Weekend Vibes!
Enjoy this beautiful Friday, loves!

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