There are only so many things you can buy
…….in a month, or maybe two.
But what I am trying to say is no matter how much you love shopping,
or how unlimited your budget is,
 it is wiser to loop articles of clothing in your closet before you buy new things.
When you do so, you just prove that you are capable of mixing and matching
and that you care for the environment!
(new clothes means old clothes go to waste..)
Personal style bloggers and other fashion bloggers weren’t born knowing
 how to put on the right clothes for the right occasion for the right body type and weather,
their secret is…

They practice.
They observe.
They learn.
They do it often.
And they make it a habit.
So my advice is:
Don’t get lazy!
It’s soooo easy to just grab the top layers of our closet that just came fresh out of the laundry 
and style it the same way we did three days in a row,
especially on cold, winter mornings when you are already running a bit late.
That is, of course, fine for a day or two and then it just goes down hill (style wise).
The trick is to practice outfit planning on weekends 
or whenever you have to go out in the evening or after work,
when u have more time to think and be creative!
It’s all about trial and error, honestly.
shoes: Topshop UK (old but similar here), pants: G2000, shirt: Levis, coat: H&M (similar here), bag: Prada
Happy Work Wednesday!!

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