I can’t begin to tell you how warm this skirt kept me, 
even in this intense “asian” cold we are experiencing in Hong Kong right now.
(“asian” cold is the type of cold only people who live in Asia understand.
We don’t care if it’s still not cold enough to snow..
but it’s temperature is low enough and humid enough to keep us freezing for hours.)

For those of you who live in colder countries,
there’s no central heat indoors in HK homes,
and so you never really warm up AT ALL
(except for the first 30 mins after you take a hot shower.)
I would do anything during Hong Kong winters to stay warm.
Including wearing granny wool sweaters with layers and layers of heat tech…
You get the picture.
Then I encountered this wool-blend skirt by asos.

As you can see, I wore it with a black heat tech top and a cropped sweater
as this a-line midi skirt is pretty high-waisted (love that it is!)
It kept me so warm I was able to leave my house without socks.

Pssssst.. to be bluntly honest,
When you shop on ASOS,
you can’t always be certain

shoes: Sam Edelman, skirt: ASOS (but they ran out of this exact one! A similar one that I like here), 
sweater: similar one here that I really like
the mandeeeee youtube channel 
is going to start getting new updates REAL SOON!
I don’t know if you’re getting excited
but I’m PUMPED!
Can’t wait to show you my first legit videos that share my day-to-day little secrets! 
Thanks for coming by 
and sorry for such a late update!

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