I started smelling spring,
so I craved for the most perfect pair of white pants..

for work or for play.

Seeing inspiration on how to wear white pants everywhere over the internet,
I was hungry for my own pair to style.

That’s usually what happens:
you get inspired,
then you get your own ‘equipment’
get creative
and create your own shit.

I’m so in love with that cycle of a creative type.

Okay, so first,
I had to find a retail store and brand that made a pair of white pants that were up to par with my expectations for comfort. 
Style and fashion to me means nothing 
if you can’t move freely (to an extent)
and be yourself while you’re wearing the clothes.

And then, of course,
is the budget.

I went through American Eagle Outfitters,
Cheap Monday,
Zara, Topshop
and Uniqlo. 
Guess which one I ended up scoring my perfect white pants from?
(Answer at the end of article)

I was deciding between a pair of ankle cut or a regular lengthed one,
both a slim fit.
tried on a pair of super comfortable regular length slim fit

but found that it would make my legs look less short if I rolled up the bottom a bit.

Next up was a super comfortable ankle cut with zippers:

They were naturally the same length as the previous ones after I had rolled those up a few inches,
MINUS the chunky rolled up part!
Then, of course, like how we all try one jeans/pants,
I bent over, squatted, moved my legs every which way,
and made sure I could move naturally.
*NEVER SACRIFICE YOUR ROUTINES (the natural way you move)
 It’s not worth it.
Super happy with my purchase.
The following is my white pants’ debut style,
styled for work 
or to any event that calls for casual chic style.

pants: Uniqlo, shirt: Zara (similar here), bag: Chanel, shoes: Sam Edelman
coat: H&M (old but similar here), lipstick: MAC Cosmetics here

And did you notice that my white shirt has a high slit on the sides?
LOVE subtle but significant details.

Have an awesome day guys!


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