On the 4th floor!
With discounts on all Compression gear!
From now until Mar 20th!
That’s only two more weeks!

Lemme give you a peek on what the elite MCS compression system looks like..

Yes, it’s insane.

The revolutionary fabric support system basically maps out your muscles
and focuses on key muscle and tendon groups for greater compression wrap
 to reduce muscle movement, and in turn, fatigue and damage.

I ran 9km with my new elite MCS compression shorts just last weekend,
and I can honestly say my legs were not even close to how they usually feel when I run the same distance without them!

They kept my muscles in place through the run,
and it surprised me how much that reduces the fatigue you get in your legs!!

Thank you 2XU and plughk for such a phenomenal experience.
I don’t think I can ever run or exercise again without these shorts.

Highly recommended.


There’s also a chance to win a place at the 2XU Ultimate Performance Training Camp in California, USA!

2XU is offering two lucky Hong Kongers an ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP to CALIFORNIA
for a two day training experience!

Amazing, I know,
and all you have to do is the following:

1) Visit http://www.2xu.com.hk  and click on the competition banner to watch 2XU’s #HEARTNOTHYPE film

2) Follow onscreen instructions to upload your own heart story as a photo and/or 100 words and/or a short video that shoes your answer to the question “What does putting heart into performance mean to you?”

3) Share on social media and encourage your friends to vote – the more votes, the greater chance of winning!

The training camp will run for two days between the dates of 12th to 19th April 2015 in California, USA.

How extremely exciting and epic that sounds!

Go submit your inspiring story now, guys!!



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