A full night of legitimate workouts.
SO legit it wasn’t even funny.
I went with one of my lovely colleagues, and it was perfect!
It started off with booths of neat things like temporary tattoos nail and hair styling, 
which was just endlessly long queues, one after another. 
We were so anxious to get to the other things that we didn’t end up getting to the end of any of those,
but rather, got ourselves “fast passes” for a later time.
(what a thoughtful gesture! cheers for good planning, nike!)
There were delicious sushi maki rolls by SUGO, and cold-pressed juice by BLESS,
two very yummy and healthy food and beverage providers 
with portions that were just right in terms of a pre-workout meal.
( :
Then came the 3-hour intensive workout (with short breaks in between so we don’t pass out :P)
with incredible Nike Master Trainers.
including Utah Lee, Kirsten Godon.
Oh my goodness.
I felt sore in all the muscles I always wish I could work out on.
SUCH a good feeling.
I’m definitely going back again next year.
Will you join me? : D
An exclusive video of mandeeeee trying out archery for the first time..

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