When my knee was in rehab, I lived in my Nike Lunarlons.
They, and my Nike Roshe Runs, were my go-to shoes
because they are COMFORTABLE to walk in.
My good old Ralph Lauren shorts 
because I had to wear my knee brace, so it was just easier.
And a comfy Gap logo jumper
to finish the look.
My knee is better now, after seeing 跌打 (Chinese doctor for sprains and things),
thanks to those who have asked ( :
If you ever sprain or pull a tendon
and you have taken an MRI to make sure you haven’t ripped it,
GO SEE 跌打 (“TIT DA”)!
It helps! Very efficient and effective!!
…because just resting with ice (the western doctor’s way) takes too long…
Still walking relatively slowly to regain my left leg’s muscle strength,
but am healing slowly but surely.
Something EPIC is happening in 3 days.
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