Where’s Waldo? on my tee
Love it.
And I also wanted to tell you about this clothing technology I was introduced to,
also by Uniqlo.

Here’s the wonderful Where’s Wally tee with a pair of high-waisted shorts

Shop the Where’s Wally? series here to stand out in the crowd.

Thank you Uniqlo for introducing me to your AIRism technology.
“Wear a layer of comfortable AIR over your skin.
A single layer of inner wear will control your comfort in any temperature and humidity.
Ultimate comfort, born from Japanese technology.
Best for days when you feel like wearing a thin long sleeve shirt but don’t want to feel too hot or humid (ie. for work or school), or underneath your team jersey while you play sports.
All you have to do is wear an AIRism shirt underneath and it keeps you comfortable and dry
 no matter the weather. Crazy and hard to believe right?
It was, until I tried it for myself.
: D

Shop the technology here, with tanks and camisole varieties in many different colours.
Comfort and style, my favourite mix of qualities in life.
Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your long weekend, lovelies!

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