The press preview was appropriately named Magnificent Kingdom of Autumn/Winter 2015,
where Pandora presented their upcoming collections for the most romantic seasons of the year.
I walked through the “exhibition” in awe.. 
(if you follow me on snapchat, you would know what I mean)
it was elaborately decorated and made me feel like I was literally experiencing the two seasons through the walk. 
They way they matched their collections with the respective seasons was impeccable.
Feather of the mythical phoenix for the season of crispy air and changing leaves,
with white Christmas elements all over the winter season collection.
The details in which the new charms are made is incredible, 
with the craftsman there demonstrating how they do it.
My favourite charms from the winter collection were the following:
aren’t they the cutest!!
I cannot wait until December..
Thanks Pixta for the cute picture!

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