Did you experience the Smile Bar with me on SnapChat?
Lemme elaborate..

The whole teeth whitening experience at The Smile Bar goes something like this:

Step 1 – Customer Briefing
The Smile Specialists explains the chemistry of the formula and the whitening process before you begin for the first time
to make sure you understand the reaction that’s going on between your enamel and their magic formula.
Then, a teeth shade guide is then used to do a pre-treatment teeth assessment
to find out where your teeth colour falls before the treatment.
This allows you to see how much your teeth has whitened after each 20-minute session.

Super snazzy egg-shaped chairs for more privacy while your teeth are transforming into white, sparkly gems..

Step 2 – Pre-whitening

So after you get to your station, you have your own sink to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with their really efficient line of BRILLIANT SMILE toothpaste and mouth wash before your wipe your teeth free of saliva with their oral cleansing applicator. You have to keep your mouth open from then on to keep the surface of your teeth dry. 
Step 3 – Whitening

This is when you put in a mouth-guard-looking thing with their safe revolutionary formula gel on it and sit back in your snazzy egg and get as comfortable as you can. 
Your teeth are then ready to be exposed to the LED plasma light (don’t worry, it’s free of UV).
The friendly Smile Bar specialist will then help you adjust the position of the light stand so it is in the perfect position for maximum comfort.

BOSE headphones to enjoy your music on your own portable devices while you sit back and wait for your new whitened smile!
(Black or White to match your smile or mood!!)
I almost fell asleep during my whitening experience because I felt so cozy and comfortable…
Step 4 – Customer Debriefing
After every whitening session, there will be a post-treatment teeth assessment using a teeth shade guide. If you’re happy with the results, you’re good to go! 
And if you’re not, continue on for 15 more minutes and see where that takes you.
The friendly Smile specialists will provide you with a nice bottle of glassed VOSS water, a nice toothbrush and personalized guidance on how to maintain your white smile,
which is always helpful.

The whole process is very well thought out
from the clients (us!) point of view,
with the headphones,
 privacy, your own little space of whitening and relaxation
and even a CHARGER!
I don’t know about you, but I usually need a charger for my phone cuz I use it so often 😛
and plus, you might not be going home right after your whitening session, so you need your batteries to last you.
They even thought about that!
How sweet and thoughtful for all of us living a typical HK lifestyle.
I only had time to do my first 20-minutes treatment that day,
but I was already visibly 2 shades lighter!
This kind of obvious whitening progress excites me 
and makes me look my next visit,
where I will go for the Triple Whitening (3 sessions of 20 minutes) to get to my true white enamel colour.
If you are looking for a safe and hygienic teeth whitening solution, The Smile Bar is the place to go. The technology they use doesn’t ask the health of your enamel to compromise for the visible results you wish for. 
I was always afraid of getting really sensitive teeth after teeth whitening treatments, 
but this didn’t occur at all, and my teeth have stayed a very happy white for over a week now!
I’m in love!
I would totally recommend you to add the Nano Seal Total + after your whitening session
because then you can go out and have your coffee/wine/curry right after!!
Otherwise you would have to avoid all those colourful food and drink items for the next three days..which would suck.
just saying.
Hope this helps you make your decision!
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Book your appointment now!
Their number is (+852) 2620 0615
The Smile Bar is located at
1/F, Hang Wai Commercial Building
No. 231-233 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
You will definitely NOT regret making this decision, trust me.
 : D

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