A recap of my glamourous afternoon at the Yeechoo relaunch party ( :

chatting and laughing with one of the beautiful co-founders of the Yeechoo, Shan Shan!

Yeechoo.com is an amazing online dresses and gowns rental store 
which holds luxury brands as well as amazing local designers now ! 
It was so much fun physically flipping through racks of beautiful dresses they carry for rental
and getting to try as many as I wanted on !
I ended up only trying on this one, but it completed me.
another unforgettable bit from the party was how I got to play around with By Terry products!!
I still can’t believe that their products work as skin care as well as make-up..
it even smells nice!
go give it a try at any Joyce Beauty stores ( :
and finally, last but not least,
I had a ghd stylist fix my messy messy hair from a long day of work..
it’s always such a treat to have my hair done by one of these guys, or with one of their products.
they honestly are my favourite in terms of taking care of my hair and making it look fab.
a party to remember.
congrats on the relaunch, theYeechoo.com!!

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