When you are planning for a big event like YOUR WEDDING DAY, most people fall into the trap of focusing on the details of the day. Those are important, but more importantly, you have to take care of yourself. 
Almost all of us brides-to-be tend to get anxious or worried about whether or not we will look our best that day, and we usually do. It’s the best day of your life and you are as happy as can be, for sure you will glow! But to ensure that you are looking top of your game, what you need is a good game plan, which you will need to start about two weeks before your big day.

#1 – Organic Facial (Jean Louis David HK)
Be it organic or non-organic, a facial is a must for showing up for such a big milestone of your life.
Make sure this is scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding day, because you would not want left over zit marks or other post-facial scars on your beautiful face. Give your skin those few weeks to renew themselves and reveal the best you can be.
Personally, I went the organic facial route.
The package they offer at Jean Louis David HK is beyond amazing. The products they use are all organic and precious, not to mention how amazing they smell. They put you at your most comfortable and make sure you stay that way for the whole duration of your treatment. I was literally snoring half way through already.. especially with the complimentary massage for on the shoulders and neck. o m g.

#2 – Teeth Whitening (The Smile Bar)
You two are going to be smiling all day long on that special day of yours, you’re going to need to make sure you have that million-dollar white teeth smile, but it doesn’t have to cost that much. This step of getting ready for your wedding can be done about 7 days prior to the big day.
Remember when I made a review about The Smile Bar that has now landed in HK? (Read it now) It’s perfectly convenient, located in Wan Chai, and reasonably priced for guaranteed results. So of course I brought myself back there, and this time, I even brought my husband-to-be (back in December) to make sure he will be smiling his best on our special day!

They are having a promotion for CNY now till Feb29 :
if you mention the promotional code “Monkey”, you’ll get 10% off your whole treatment and products, as well as a free Nano Seal Protection+ treatment!

#3 – Hair cut & colour (Jean Louis David HK)
In addition to the organic facial, I entrusted JLD Hong Kong to do my balayage (the Hollywood style of hair tinting and colouring) and my hair cut for the wedding. The balayage technique basically illuminates your face even without lighting, and helps you look fresh and your look on-point and seemingly “in the wind”, on camera or in person. The hair specialist would use a sponge and “paint” your hair, making the colour more gradual and with subtlety. Instead of the traditional way of “putting colour in your hair”, the balayage technique actually makes sure that your hair is coloured in a way that compliments your face.

The staff there is so sweet, they even offered to give me some inspiration on what to do as an up-do for the day in my dress!

#4 – Manicure (Jean Louis David HK)
The pace at which Hong Kongers live by is fast, and by fast I mean fast.
To accommodate this kind of lifestyle, JLD HK provides a complimentary manicure service while you are getting your hair done (two birds with one stone!). How amazing is that? It saves time and energy (to run from your hair salon to your manicurist’s place, right?).

I hope this helps!

Don’t stress — no matter what, it’s going to become the best day of your life!

Just don’t forget to have fun!


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