I have never been one to have idols, but after 8 months of pregnancy, I have really started looking up to moms-to-be who take such good care of themselves, still looking great and taking fab pics for Instagram. 

Read on to find out how my pregnancy has been and how I’ve felt on this magical journey so far.

oh, AND,
time to reveal to all you curious souls who have been asking about whether it is a boy or a girl
what the gender of the baby reallllllly is!

How exciting!! 😀 😀 😀

In my first trimester (1-3 months), or at least, the 1st and 2nd month-ish, I was still able to kinda fit into my regular bottoms, but I had no motivation to dress up or look like the fashionista I usually try to be. 
Luckily, I didn’t vomit or get super sick, but I was definitely in the mood to impress any one either.
It was the time when me being pregnant still had to be kept a secret
so I couldn’t rant to just anyone who was near by, which felt totally neccessary at the time.
It’s soooo hard to keep it to yourself when it’s all you’re feeling day in and day out..!
(do any of you feel me?)
By the 3rd month, I went shopping for maternity jeans and leggings
and that was probably one of the best shopping experiences I’ve ever had.
Going into the change room was like a relief: 
Taking off the tightening leggings and putting on belly-wrapping maternity leggings..ughhhhh feels so good.
Oh, and that’s also when my first trimester symptoms (i.e. Morning sickness, feeling super tired 24/7)  went away, and I was feeling like “a better me” ( :

The 4th month came and went and then came my 5th.
The best thing about my current situation is
I get to feel the baby’s movements after I eat or at a specific time of day when he’s also awake.
heeehee… a downside is, though, not being able to share this joy with the hubby yet,
cuz the movements can’t be felt on the outside just yet.

Currently, I’m on my 6th month and a week!

And here, some exciting things happened.
Daddy-to-be is finally starting to be able to feel his punches and kicks

I’m still mobile and able to get to places with my growing baby bump.
Not looking forward to being much heavier and have the larger bump hinder my mobility, though : P

Being pregnant is so amazing..
You almost feel different every day except you’re pretty much the same…
it’s so hard to explain, but there’s so much to be excited about.

– mandeeeee, April 6th, 2016


…And now, I’m moving on to my 33rd week.
Physically, a lot has changed since I had last written in this post;
Emotionally, I have gotten even more anxious and excited for what’s to come in just a short couple of weeks.

Every since I have entered the third tirmester,
every day has been different.
It’s honestly been getting harder and harder to get out of bed,
not only because I wish I could stay in bed forever,
but because every morning I feel like I’m waking up with a heavier tummy.

It’s such a good feeling to know baby’s gained some weight over night,
but it’s also tough on me physically.

Heavier, but happier.

My bump has been comparatively smaller than many moms of around the same week,
and it has only started really showing when I hit the 8-month mark (31-32 weeks).

Don’t worry if your bump is smaller than others,
(we hear this a lot but it’s still hard to believe.
Still, it can’t be more true.)
As long as you gyn/obs says that your baby is growing healthily inside at a good rate,
it doesn’t matter how big your bump appears on the outside!

I’ve also kept up with my mild exercise routine,
like walking when I can, as much as I can still handle.

I also go for swims whenever I can squeeze the time,
each session 30 minutes, taking minimal breaks in between laps so I can get the most out of it.

OH, and how can I forget to mention the HORMONAL SWINGS during this trimester?

I dont know if it’s because it’s a stressful time of year for teachers or what,
but I like to blame them on my pregnancy hormones.

Feeling extra stressed at work doesn’t help, so I make sure to take deep breaths and let my mind rest whenever I can remember to remind myself to..

Anyway, today I’m due for another prenatal check-up to see if baby has turned yet
(last time we checked we were still lying sidewaysss and enjoying life inside the womb)
because they say by 33 weeks, they should really have turned into the “most comfortable position already
(which is head down)
= \
fingers crossed!

Curious about the gender?

we’re expecting a baby boy!!!!!!

His kicks and jabs have now turned into nudges and elbowing that are not so comfortable anymore,
but they still put a smile on my face whenever I feel him, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I think it’s a really common feeling for expecting moms, and even expecting dads,
to hope that the baby will out sooner
but then “knock on wood” and say “but not TOO soon”.

My doctor had warned me that mine might come early,
but we just have to make sure he doesn’t come too too early..

Mama’s-to-be, it’s true when they tell you to rest whenever you can
and you really should take that advice to heart.
Resting basically means you’re growing your baby, and giving it time to take in all the wonderful nutrients you have ingested that day.

So that’s about it so far…
taking my time to rest now to help baby gain more weight before he makes his grand debut.

If you have any questions for me, please let me a comment anytime,
either here in the comments section or on instagram, facebook
and I will try to answer from what I know and have read about (which is really not too much)!

Have a wonderful weekend loves


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