I still remember the first time I went into the nursing room and looked for the clear tray that held you ever since you were born. Marked by my room number, it meant you belonged to me. It felt incredible to have you handed to me by the nurse, seeing your tiny sleeping face and not believing the fact that I had given birth to someone so perfect.

I cherish every moment I spend nursing my baby because I don’t know when it will be the last time. I’ve heard of other babies who has pushed mom away after a couple months for no reason at all, so you really never know. People say breastfeeding is bonding with baby to another level… I can tell you it’s true.

I have a list of nursing must-haves to share with you. They are the things I needed since the beginning of this magical nursing journey, and have helped me make the ride smooth and enjoyable, not to mention it increasing my endurance and perseverance in the whole process.


As of today, I have been breastfeeding for 150 days, which is almost 5 months!
Baby Klay and I are still enjoying each other’s company every few hours… (:


wearing MAYARYA Fluted Sleeve Maternity and Nursing Dress
and using their Two Way Nursing Cover / Scarf in Heather grey


nursing bra – OMG how much more difficult would it all be if these had not been invented. Nursing bras are the number one must-haves for nursing (duhhhh), since you need your engorged boobs to be easily accessible while still hanging in there and not drooping too low (yet), haha. I’ve tried all the styles they have in the market at the moment, and my favourite is, hands down, the drop-cup bras with clips. They are the easiest to manage with one hand (because your baby occupies your other hand while you’re holding him to nurse) and it’s easier to keep clean and dry, because once you unclip, you can pull the fabric aside a bit more than you can if it is a stretch fabric bra/night bra, which is one that crosses over at the front so you can pull a cup down over your breast, a bit like an old school sports bra.

NUK nursing bustier black NUK nursing bustier white NUK nursing bra black

So those are a couple I found online, but I’ve found my favourite nursing bra on a maternity and nursing online store, mayarya, where they make the most stylish options for the most magical 9 months of your life, as well as throughout your nursing journey.

Here are two that I cannot live without and wear on repeat: Seamless Padded Maternity and Nursing Bra and Mayara by Amoralia Exclusive Cupcake Nursing Bra. They just make me feel so much better about my lactating breasts, hahahaha.. give them a try and you will know EXACTLY what I mean

Remember to use my code MANDYYUEN for a 10% discount off everything in store or online at mayarya.com!

nursing cover – because it is still unacceptable in this society to nurse in public. Nursing covers make sure baby can get his milk anytime, anywhere. They usually have something (a strap or a hole) that goes over your head, and covers baby and you breast while you are nursing him.
I am using Mayarya’s Two Way Nursing Cover / Scarf in Heather grey but you can find more of their new styles here.
I couldn’t stand the crazy patterns and colours on other nursing cover that I’ve seen, so this is perfect. So simple, so chic, and such a thin material (Klay is a sweaty baby… and plus, you need to understand that it takes a lot of effort for a baby to suck milk out of your nipples, compared to bottles! They are working harrrrrrd). They also carry winter styles with thicker material. Go check them out here!


nursing friendly clothes for all occasions – because once you commit to exclusive breastfeeding, it means you are ready to nurse anytime, anywhere… well, until you establish a more predictable schedule with your baby’s feeds, which won’t really happen until about 3 months of age, at least for me.

It would be impossible to be at home all the time, so you would definitely need to add some items in your wardrobe that will make your nursing life easier when you are out and about. It’ll also make you persevere and continue to breastfeed for a longer time.

There are great selections on ASOS.com, mayarya and Cotton On Body Doorbuster – 40% OFF Maternity!

muslin cloths – to keep you an your baby clean, wipe off any type of milky mess from your nipple or your baby’s mouth. Cuz afterall, he is a baby and you are feeding him! Messes are inevitable.

I found the muslin clothes in all shapes and sizes to be the best ones I owned, because they are unbelievable soft and absorbant. I’ve come across all sorts of patterns and colours, so I’ve linked some below:

aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3aden+anais musy ? muslin squares Set of 3
Or, go check out Kidsroom for a variety of selections!

nursing pads – Definitely a must-have if you don’t want milk stains on your clothes and bra, and if you want to feel nice and dry and normal during the months of breast-feeding you are planning to commit to. If you don’t use these, it’s like getting your socks wet on a rainy morning and having to walk around in wet socks all day.. ahhahaha.. not the best feeling.

They are basically sanitary pads for the breasts; there are disposable ones as well as washable ones though, and I’ve linked both below. Personally, I haven’t tried washable ones, but if you have tried it or will give it a try, let me know how well that goes! I might move to those ones too if they’re good!

AVENT Washable nursing pads
This is the washable and reusable one!
Medela Nursing padsAVENT Comfort nursing pads for the night
Lansinoh� Nursing padsNUK Ultra Dry Comfort nursing pads

breast pump – (note: you will be needing your muslin cloths here too!) It’s soooo important to have a breast pump and to have a good relationship with it, even if you are going to be a stay at home mom.

If you are going back to work, it’s a must! I’m a full-time working mom, and my freezer bag and breast pump, as well as the storage bottles tag along with me every day. I keep my milk storage bags at home because c’mon… I’m lucky enough to have time to pump at work, there’s definitely no time to sort them out into bags for storage (I do that when I get home).

When I store my milk, I put them into bags to put into my freezer so it takes up less space.

Lansinoh 2in1 electrical breast pumpAVENT Comfort double electric breast pumpMedela Pump & Save bag for breast milk

That’s basically what I’ve needed for the past few months for breastfeeding.
Is that what you guys do? What else do you guys think are necessities when it comes to nursing?
Share your experience with me in the comments section! I’d love to hear and learn from you guys too!
Also, do let me know if you would like to know more details on any aspects of this, I’d love to be able to help ( :


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