Struggling to find something amazing but within budget to put under the tree for her?
I’ve got some tips and pointers as to where to look and what to look for. Christmas set



For this gift, you may want to find out roughly what kind of skin type the person you are buying for is, because carries products for all skin types. Emily, the founder of this beauty product platform, has personally tried and tested products that are very effective but are also very close to nature. I’ve also learnt that left my jaw wide opened: Did you know that the creamier a product is, the more chemicals there are inside of it?


For me, I’m a dry-to-combination kind of skin type,
so I have the set for



MAKEUP FOREVER Artist rouge collection

This highlighter works miracles, bringing out her best qualities and their new lipsticks are so easy to apply!! Just look back on her photos on facebook and/or instagram and see which one suits her most.
For me, the Artist Rouge Creme in red is for brightening myself up on days when I need an immediate touch-up. For work I don’t put on much eye make-up, only some concealer and I’m good to go. But on special days when people other than 5-6 year olds will look at me (i.e. when parents are invited into the school for certain reasons), I just apply some red lips and I look presentable (:
As for the the nude matte, I use that when I’ve got a strong enough eye make-up for it to take over the rest of my face. That generally means when I have thicker eyeliner, darker shades of eyeshadow, and mascara.
If you find it too hard to choose which colour lipstick for your friend, then go for the highlighter! EVERYONE needs a good highlighter powder!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Fragrances are a girl’s best buddy. No matter how many she has, she will never have enough for all the occasions and moods she will find herself in. Trust me!

Benefit Girl-A-Rama set

It has all the things I love from benefit! The benetint and the brow powder is just awwww-mazing. Been using them since I was in highschool! With this set, I even get to try the pore-fessional base AND their bronzer AND their mascara.
She’d love it.


Birkenstock (Londons)


It’s much too cold now to be wearing Birkenstock Arizona sandals, so these Birkenstock Londons are perfect! With or without cozy woolly socks, these are as comfortable as ever. Watch out for how I style them soooooooon!


Personalized Festive cards by #fotomax
But if you don’t have time to go buy any of those things…
Make sure you buy them a card, and write them a heartfelt message,
because it’s not always about the gift they receive…
It’s the thought that counts.
It’s sure going to make them smile from ear to ear!
An early Merry Christmas to you all!

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